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What does the Bechhofer Agency do?

Because I am now well past retiring age, and at 81 no longer have the energy and to some extent the health I had when I was 61, I have with great regret almost entirely downsized the agency.  We are not taking on any new artists, no matter how talented or distinguished. Requests for representation will no longer be acknowledged.

 I am still representing on a sole representation basis, Andy Irvine as a solo artist, and on an occasional basis Rod Paterson

My aim remains to provide them and promoters of all kinds with an excellent, personal service to the advantage of both parties. I understand the needs of artists and promoters alike, and strive to deal efficiently with all the various aspects of booking, negotiation of fees, dealing with publicity and coping with the occasional crisis.

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The Bechhofer Agency, 51, Barnton Park View, Edinburgh, EH4 6HH
Telephone: +44 (0)131-339-4083 Fax: +44 (0)131-339-9261

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